At the end of june, I went to the SPCA to do some volunteer work. The SPCA is an organization that cares for abandoned and distressed animals. They also try to provide a family to the animals as much as possible.

I want to say a very big thanks to all the team of the SPCA and the group Engage animal for having me at the end of june to let me know more about their reality.

I was able to see how much the staff are invested and dedicated to the animals. Sophie Gaillard, Animal Advocacy Director and Amélie Martel Animal Welfare Director.

Also, I want to thank Élise Desaulniers, Executive Director of the SPCA, and Dr. Gabrielle Carrière, Chief Veterinary Officer, for having me on july 5 and for supporting me in my fundraising campaign.
I want to reach the goal of $ 800!

This day of awareness has allowed me to see the harsh reality of many animals that are in distress and desperately waiting for a loving family who will adopt them.

Written by: Mackie
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