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MIss Teen Montreal 2017 at Formule E.

For those of you who would like to know me better, check out my last blog ‘’Hello from Allison, Miss Teenage Montreal 2017’’. It is almost time for me to go to Toronto for the nationals!!! (le temps passe tellement vite 🙁 …) I will remind you when you will have to vote for your region delegate. 

A little of History Class

Like I said in my last blog, I was born in Montreal, Quebec. For me, what makes the city so extra is the fact that there is a lot of diversity of the people. All kinds of personalities from different cultural backgrounds live and build our society. 

Montreal is the most populous municipality of the province of Quebec. Most of the population speaks french and french is the official language of the province. Street names, restaurants and government instituts are all in french. The business industry and the artistic one is also priorly in French.
In fact, if you are under 18 years old, (legal age of majority) and if both of your parents studied another language than english, you will have to go at a french elementary school and high school. On the other hand, if one of your parents graduated at an english school, you will be able to chose in which language you want to study. After high school comes Cegep. If you are under 21 and you want to go to university, you have to graduate from Cegep.

Where should I go in Montreal?? 

Montreal is a very popular destination for tourism. one of the places that I prefer the most is the Old-Port of Montreal. The old Port is near LaRonde, one of the 6 flags’s attraction parks. it is near everything. In addition, there is activities and attractions during the whole year.

Here’s a picture of one of the most popular activities of all times.

Originally, it is a very old building where many people used to work in. It was a sort of manufacture at that time. Years past by and the building was abandoned. A company decided to make a sort of labyrinth inside this mysterious building. It worked because it is now a must to go when you are a tourist. 

Another way to spend a good time in the Old-Port would be the Zipline.

Two years ago, the Zipline was in construction. The company started testing it with people of different weight and it was kind of funny to see people getting stuck in the middle of the river or going all the way to the top. They made some adjustments and now, it has become an attraction for aspiring adventurers. 

A lot of festivals are in the Old-Port. Caricaturists are everywhere and restaurants are open until late night. If you get the chance to, try out our ‘’Poutine’’. (Trust me !)


This year, in honour to the 375 year of anniversary of Montreal, the mayor of Montreal spent 1 billion dollars to celebrate with us, citizens. During multiple days, we had the opportunity enter for free on commun transports. ‘’ La grande roue’’ like we say in French, has been placed in the old port, in front of the river.   


This year, Formule 1 (a car race event near the
Old Port every year) decided to make the first Formule 1 with electric cars. It was a bigger event than year before. I had the chance to assist the event !! 

If you ever get a chance to come to Montreal, Trust me ! The Old-Port of Montreal is the best place ever!! If you want to have fun while your spending your vacations, it is a must.

Check out their website : http://www.oldportofmontreal.com

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See you SoooooooooooN !!!! 😉

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