“We believe in our hearts and in lminds that in order to do well in business, we must do ‘good’ in the communities where we live, work and serve… and we are passionately committed to our community giving philosophy.”
– Darren Entwistle, CEO TELUS


TELUS believes that to do good in business, they have to good in communities. This corporation fund raised so much that in 2010, they had the recognition of being the first Canadian company to be named the most charitable corporation by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Since 2007, TELUS has been a proud sponsor for We Day. We Day is planned by the Free The Children charity. This event is held to interact social issues speakers and musicians with the youth from across Canada.  The goal is to get the young adults to give back to their communities locally and globally. TELUS believes that young people can be active in volunteerism and that is why they became one of the good sponsors of We Day.

“[…] TELUS is a very proud sponsor of We Day for the third year in a row. It’s an event that’s truly aligned with our values, our commitment to you and our philosophy of giving back locally. In fact, since 2000, TELUS — our team members and retirees — have contributed more 137 million dollars and have volunteered more than 2.6 million of hours to local communities across Canada. […]” says Janet Yale, Executive Vice-President and National Chair of TELUS Community Boards, at We Day Toronto (2009).

Throughout my journey to Miss Teen Canada-World, I’ve been fundraising for Free The Children. Free The Children is the pageant’s official charity. Around the world, this charity has freed the children and their families from the cycle of poverty. Moreover, I held a garage sale and I’m currently in process of doing a penny and bottle drive. Raising all that money made me realize that anyone and everyone can help the world in their own little way. Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. I really appreciate it. If you would like to donate pennies or bottles, please contact me through my Facebook page.


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