My co-host (Sly Pimentel) and I joining the Tug-of-War. Who won you may ask? Beyonce can answer... Girls, we run the world!

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been posting on here for a long whileeeee and I am truly sorry for that. Ever since the pageant ended, my schedule was really hectic. The day after the pageant, I hosted an event for the Filipino community. It was really fun. And then, sadly I had to go to school early 🙁 I had summer school for three weeks. Math is not my best friend. This summer, I was soooo involved in my community! We fundraised for our community center. We had lemonade stands and we had a water gun fight… Well, it dollar store water guns but it was still amusing. Haha! 😛 To end my summer, I was given the oppurtunity to host the Munting Binibinig pageant. It was little girl pageant. I saw the cutest little girls showing their talents and their evening gowns. I can’t believe I was one that small! Ahaha!

The girls and I at the Munting Binibinig pageant 😀

As for updates, I started school a month ago and nothing really changed. There are still obnoxious, rude, cool, nice people. I’m going to try out for the basket ball team. I haven’t played in so long! What else… OH! This year I’m not in arts & crafts for my options class but I’m in drama. My teacher’s pretty weird, LOL. One more thing, I recently joined a fashion blog. You can create outfits! It’s pretty cool if you ask me 😉 Here’s the link to my blog: – follow me if you have one 🙂

And last but not least, I know it’s really late to do my thank yous but I would like to thank Michelle  for giving me such a great experience, to all of our chaperones (Anthony, Chris, Daren, Maram, Darlene and Ryan) for taking such great care of us and to our choreographers (Sean and Omar) who did such a great job teaching us our dances. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♥

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