All the Miss Teen Canada- World 2012 delegates were given the assignment of filming ourselves doing an act of kindness while looking good and feeling great about the act that we did. I would have worn my crown to make this video, but I didn’t wanted my friend, Albert to feel inferior or act differently around me.

My act of kindness was helping my friend Albert. Albert also happens to be my neighbor. When I had first moved in two years ago, he was the first person to come up to me. He’s super sweet and has an obsession with cars. Sadly, Albert doesn’t have full mobility with his legs. He’s almost always roaming around in a wheelchair. When he is at home he may stand and and try to walk with the support of sturdy objects. His legs cannot support his body.

Recently Albert received an iPod Touch which he adores so much. His parents don’t exactly know how to set everything up. I always offer to help. I’m not a tech guru, but I do know a few things about iPods and I’m very patient. At the time in the video, Albert wasn’t able to use his apple gift card to download music. Before leaving to pageant week, I told myself that I would find time in my busy schedule to visit him. Correcting the problem took 20 minutes and I could have left, but I decided I would help him choose and download music and transfer his purchases into his iPod which took 30 minutes.

He was very excited and greatful that I had helped him. I was happy to see him happy. Tje moment I was done, he started playing the new songs that I had downloaded for him. His parents were also glad, because they said that they really didn’t know what to do and appreciated that I was really patient with Albert. They even wanted to pay me for my services, but I told them no thanks. Seeing their smiles on their faces was good enough and it brought joy to my heart.

You may see my video here:

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    Thanks Marlyne Desir. Better late than never I always say. Also can you put link to Aveda Institute in this post and maybe a logo? That would be great.

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