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Miss Teen FAMAS 2011 & Miss Philippines Montreal Ambassador of Goodwill 2010 - Klaudeen Carbon & Andrea Neufeld

Two months before the Miss Teen Canada-World Quebec Pageant 2011, I was crowned Miss Teen FAMAS 2011. It was a pageant organized by my roots, the Filipino community. Being Miss Teen FAMAS 2011 has made me understand more of my culture. I am more involved in my Filipino community. I have already attended events like the Filipino Independence Day Parade, the 113th Year Anniversary of Philippine Independence and FAMAS’ 48th Year Anniversary Philippine Independence Ball and the Pinoy Fiesta.

First of, I would like to give a big shout out to FAMAS (Filipino Association of Montreal & Suburbs) for involving me in everything this community has to offer.

The Filipino Independence Day

Michael Applebaum (Cote-Des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grace Borough Mayor) and I

Even though the rain was pouring on July 12, 2011 the whole Filipino community continued to celebrate our Independence Day. During that day, the Flag Raising Ceremony and a parade was held. Miss Andrea Neufeld and I had the honors of raising the flag of Quebec. Mr. Michael Applebaum (Cote-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grace Borough Mayor) and Mr. Marvin Rotrand (Notre-Dame-de-Grace City Councilor) attended this event. Also, some of the the Miss Teen FAMAS 2011 candidates participated in the parade that James de la Paz organized (president of the Council of Canadian Filipino Associations of Quebec). The weather was dreadful but it was a pleasure joining in this event.

Beauty title holders along with Mr. Michael Applebaum and Mr. Marvin Rotrand

Andrea Neufeld & I raising the Quebec flag during the Flag Raising ceremony





During the parade

“We really want to keep the Filipino spirits and traditions alive.”
Aurora Osdon, FAMAS President
“It’s important for us tocelebrate our Independence Day. It has been 113 years since our beloved home country gained her hard-fought freedom from Spain.”
James de la Paz, CCFAQ President

The 113th Year Annieversary of Philippine Independence and FAMAS’ 48th Year Anniversary Philippine Independence Ball

Last June 18, almost the whole Filipino community in Montreal went at the Hellenic Center to celebrate the 113th Year Annieversary of Philippine Independence and FAMAS’ 48th Year Anniversary Philippine Independence Ball. It was a great success. Miss Teen candidates joined forces with PAMANA ng LuzViMinda Philippine Folkloric Dance Company to perform cultural Filipino dances.

Miss Teen candidates with PAMANA dancers performing Filipino folkloric dances

In addition, a fashion show was included with participation of Miss Philippines Montreal Ambassador of Goodwill 2010 and Miss Teen FAMAS candidates. We all wore Filipinianas, traditional Filipino

Some of the Miss Teen candidates in their Filipiniana

outfits. Gracing the occasion were: Borough Mayor of Cote-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Michael Applebaum; City Councilor of Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Marvin Rotrand and Member of Parliament for Mount Royal, Irwin Cotler.
For those who are wondering why I wasn’t wearing my crown and sash, it’s because on that night I wasn’t recognized as a beauty title holder but as a proud Filipina 🙂

The Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show

My first post on the 2012 Miss Teen Canada Blog Network was sponsored by a Toronto roof repair system.

June 25, 2011: Miss Teen FAMAS candidates and some of the FAMAS board members attend The Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show of 2011.

In this event, I got to represent both of my titles. The candidates and I paraded around the convention center for the Santa Cruzan. A Santa Cruzan is a historical and religious parade in the Philippines. It reminds us of the search of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena (Reyna Elena) and her son Emperor Constantine. After this was found in Jerusalem and brought back to Rome, a celebration was held. Pursuing this further, the event was filled with entertainment. In fact, filipino stars from the Philippines, such as Francheska Far, JayR Sillona and Carla Abellana, came all the way to Toronto to celebrate with us.

Carla Abellana, Francheska Far, JayR Sillona

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