I would love to visit the Dominican Republic one day. I’m Haitian and have I have some Dominican roots in me, yet I’ve never been there. It would be a great way to know more about my culture. I also don’t speak Spanish ,so it could also be a learning experience as well. I’ve had many friends who have been there and they’ve all told me that they enjoyed their stay. I’ve seen pictures and it has beautiful beaches and so many activities you can participate in.

To make this trip more enjoyable, I would have to be with good company. I would bring my friend Tracy who can always find all the hot spots anywhere she goes. I would also bring Wendy and Cindy who are twin sisters which means double the fun. Travelling with my friends would be amazing. Whenever we’re together we laugh our heads off. We’re like a bunch of hyenas. It would be so much more memorable, if they came with me.

There is so much to do and see in the Dominican Republic. We would definitely visit the beach and the hottest parties going on at night. The twins love to shake their tail feathers. We would go on the Samara Zipline Tour, which will get our adrenaline pumping. We would go to Rancho Lorilar to go horseback riding. We absolutely have to visit the Kaiceitos Circus School. We would be having the time of our lives.

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Good work Marlyne Desir. That looks like a great vacation destination – thanks for sharing it.

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