Have you heard ? A new show is coming out on July 9th 2011. You are THE FIRST to know about this new comedic TV sitcom.

Klaudeen Carbon has a goal of having happiness throughout her whole life. And to be fairly honest, her life is smooth sailing. She has the perfect friends and family. Then she realizes that all she needs in her life is love.

Klaudeen is living her life to the fullest. She lives in the City of Angels in a beautiful beach house. She has the most amazing group of people surrounding her. But to fulfill her goal of life long happiness, she wants to find love from a suitor. Klaudeen has been going on blind dates with guys that her friends are hooking her up with but none of them seems to be the right one. Klaudeen has learned from her passed hour (or maybe less) “boyfriends”: tell her long lasting, perfect and future boyfriend to not be shy and sweat all over the dinner table! Will she find the one ?

Now you may ask yourselves… Why should you watch this show ? Because it’s a great and funny show that teaches you the Do’s and Dont’s about dating and how to socialize with the opposite sex.

Rimmel London & Goody companies: why should YOU fund my TV show ? Well it’s pretty obvious but I’ll tell you anyway. What kind of girl doesn’t like to be all dolled-up for a date ? With your products, my hair and make up crew will absolutely promote your products. For example, Goody’s new Spin Pin ! It is an excellent tool to fix your hair in bun of your on the go. It’s how the undone bun is done. Play it sleek and chic ASAP. Ha! See I even know one of your catch phrase! As for you Rimmel London, what better products will give the actresses the London Look ? Your products are the perfect tools to make the ladies look even more beautiful. Your Sexy Curves mascara will make Klaudeen’s eyes look seductive and sexy! I’m pretty sure my crew will give the ultimate gorgeous look with the help of both your companies beauty tools!

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The candidates of Miss Teen FAMAS 2011 on the Filipino Star Newspaper

Miss Teen FAMAS 2011 & Miss Philippines Montreal Ambassador of Goodwill 2010 - Klaudeen Carbon & Andrea Neufeld

Two months before the Miss Teen Canada-World Quebec Pageant 2011, I was crowned Miss Teen FAMAS 2011. It was a pageant organized by my roots, the Filipino community. Being Miss Teen FAMAS 2011 has made me understand more of my culture. I am more involved in my Filipino community. I have already attended events like the Filipino Independence Day Parade, the 113th Year Anniversary of Philippine Independence and FAMAS’ 48th Year Anniversary Philippine Independence Ball and the Pinoy Fiesta.

First of, I would like to give a big shout out to FAMAS (Filipino Association of Montreal & Suburbs) for involving me in everything this community has to offer.

The Filipino Independence Day

Michael Applebaum (Cote-Des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grace Borough Mayor) and I

Even though the rain was pouring on July 12, 2011 the whole Filipino community continued to celebrate our Independence Day. During that day, the Flag Raising Ceremony and a parade was held. Miss Andrea Neufeld and I had the honors of raising the flag of Quebec. Mr. Michael Applebaum (Cote-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grace Borough Mayor) and Mr. Marvin Rotrand (Notre-Dame-de-Grace City Councilor) attended this event. Also, some of the the Miss Teen FAMAS 2011 candidates participated in the parade that James de la Paz organized (president of the Council of Canadian Filipino Associations of Quebec). The weather was dreadful but it was a pleasure joining in this event.

Beauty title holders along with Mr. Michael Applebaum and Mr. Marvin Rotrand

Andrea Neufeld & I raising the Quebec flag during the Flag Raising ceremony





During the parade

“We really want to keep the Filipino spirits and traditions alive.”
Aurora Osdon, FAMAS President
“It’s important for us tocelebrate our Independence Day. It has been 113 years since our beloved home country gained her hard-fought freedom from Spain.”
James de la Paz, CCFAQ President

The 113th Year Annieversary of Philippine Independence and FAMAS’ 48th Year Anniversary Philippine Independence Ball

Last June 18, almost the whole Filipino community in Montreal went at the Hellenic Center to celebrate the 113th Year Annieversary of Philippine Independence and FAMAS’ 48th Year Anniversary Philippine Independence Ball. It was a great success. Miss Teen candidates joined forces with PAMANA ng LuzViMinda Philippine Folkloric Dance Company to perform cultural Filipino dances.

Miss Teen candidates with PAMANA dancers performing Filipino folkloric dances

In addition, a fashion show was included with participation of Miss Philippines Montreal Ambassador of Goodwill 2010 and Miss Teen FAMAS candidates. We all wore Filipinianas, traditional Filipino

Some of the Miss Teen candidates in their Filipiniana

outfits. Gracing the occasion were: Borough Mayor of Cote-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Michael Applebaum; City Councilor of Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Marvin Rotrand and Member of Parliament for Mount Royal, Irwin Cotler.
For those who are wondering why I wasn’t wearing my crown and sash, it’s because on that night I wasn’t recognized as a beauty title holder but as a proud Filipina 🙂

The Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show

My first post on the 2012 Miss Teen Canada Blog Network was sponsored by a Toronto roof repair system.

June 25, 2011: Miss Teen FAMAS candidates and some of the FAMAS board members attend The Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show of 2011.

In this event, I got to represent both of my titles. The candidates and I paraded around the convention center for the Santa Cruzan. A Santa Cruzan is a historical and religious parade in the Philippines. It reminds us of the search of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena (Reyna Elena) and her son Emperor Constantine. After this was found in Jerusalem and brought back to Rome, a celebration was held. Pursuing this further, the event was filled with entertainment. In fact, filipino stars from the Philippines, such as Francheska Far, JayR Sillona and Carla Abellana, came all the way to Toronto to celebrate with us.

Carla Abellana, Francheska Far, JayR Sillona

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“We believe in our hearts and in lminds that in order to do well in business, we must do ‘good’ in the communities where we live, work and serve… and we are passionately committed to our community giving philosophy.”
– Darren Entwistle, CEO TELUS


TELUS believes that to do good in business, they have to good in communities. This corporation fund raised so much that in 2010, they had the recognition of being the first Canadian company to be named the most charitable corporation by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Since 2007, TELUS has been a proud sponsor for We Day. We Day is planned by the Free The Children charity. This event is held to interact social issues speakers and musicians with the youth from across Canada.  The goal is to get the young adults to give back to their communities locally and globally. TELUS believes that young people can be active in volunteerism and that is why they became one of the good sponsors of We Day.

“[…] TELUS is a very proud sponsor of We Day for the third year in a row. It’s an event that’s truly aligned with our values, our commitment to you and our philosophy of giving back locally. In fact, since 2000, TELUS — our team members and retirees — have contributed more 137 million dollars and have volunteered more than 2.6 million of hours to local communities across Canada. […]” says Janet Yale, Executive Vice-President and National Chair of TELUS Community Boards, at We Day Toronto (2009).

Throughout my journey to Miss Teen Canada-World, I’ve been fundraising for Free The Children. Free The Children is the pageant’s official charity. Around the world, this charity has freed the children and their families from the cycle of poverty. Moreover, I held a garage sale and I’m currently in process of doing a penny and bottle drive. Raising all that money made me realize that anyone and everyone can help the world in their own little way. Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. I really appreciate it. If you would like to donate pennies or bottles, please contact me through my Facebook page.


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Dad infront of a mural in Downtown Montreal

Montreal is where everyone keeps it real. Isn’t it obvious ? MontREAL 😉 Haha. French is the city’s official language. 59.9 % of its population speak it. However, more of than half of the population speaks both English and French.

In this wonderful city, many events are held. Such as the Just For Laughs Festival, Montreal Fashion & Design Festival and the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal.

Just For Laughs Festival
Every summer, more than 2000 shows, plus 1500 performers amuses the joyful crowd of Montreal.  Victor, the green monster, is the festival’s logo. It was designed by Vittorio Fiorucci. The logo is exposed on t-shirts, posters, costumes, event site markers and even inflattable.
This year, Montreal will have the visit of Canada’s very own Russell Peters.  The event will be happening on July 5th until July 31st, 2011. Stop being a potato couch and go to the Just For Laughs Festival ! You’ll be laughing until you pee in your pants and from laughing so hard, you’ll feel a six pack coming on !

Montreal Fashion & Design Festival
On McGill College Avenue, the Fashion & Design Festival will be held on August 3rd to August 6th, 2011. Fashion shows, live performances, parties in the city’s well-known bars and lounges and many are planned during that week. This event is a MUST for the fashionistas out there !

Festival International de Jazz de Montréal
The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal is ranked as the world’s largest jazz festival by the Guinness World Records. It has been going for about 30 years and it has been a true success for all these years. Sing along feel the beat with favorite musicians ! It’s an event not to be missed ! Make your calendars now – June 25 to July 4, 2011 !

At the 2009 Jazz Festival: Performance by Stevie Wonder.

Other than hosting events, some of Montreal’s main attractions are LaRonde and Old Port.

La Ronde

The La Ronde theme park is where the fun begins. This pleasure ground offers 40 rides and attractions. It includes the Goliath, one of North America’s highest and fastest roller coasters. The Goaliath takes on a tour of the attraction but you don’t even realize it because you’re too caught up in the moment and it goes super fast ! You’re in for a thrill if you visit the La Ronde Theme park !

Old Port

The Old Port of Montreal is where millions of tourists are at. It has such an interesting story. It has been the social, economic and cultural soul of Montreal. Back in 1611, it was the trading post for French fur traders. It made history. Today, this historical spot offers Montrealers and tourists a wide variety of activities, including Montréal Science Center (with an IMAX theatre)

My cousins and me infront of the Montreal Science Centre

and the Montreal Clock Tower. Old Port also holds cultural events: Igloofest, Matsuri Japon festival and Festival Montréal en lumière.

Moreover, Montreal has been my hometown ever since I was born. I wouldn’t leave this town to live in another one but if I have to, I would say that it has left a mark in my life. Practically my whole family lives here and we love it here. None of us wants to leave this place ’cause we have so much memories here. I was born in Montreal therefore my soul shall stay in Montreal.

Oui, Oui ! J’aime Montréal ♥


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Hello ! My name is Klaudeen Carbon and I am Miss Teen Montreal World 2011. I have been given the greatest opportunity to represent my hometown, Montreal, in the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant of 2011. I will be competing in July and I’m very excited. I can’t wait to meet new people and make new friendships.

My platform is to motivate the youth. I sense as teens we’re all running scared. Nothing is guaranteed in life. So I say go ahead! Do whatever you want and however you want. Being a teenager is a once in a lifetime chance. Live it while you still have it. You’re young, wild and free. Oh and don’t forget! When writing your life’s story, don’t let anyone else hold the pen but yourself!

A few facts about me:

  • I’m Filipina and proud. Although, I was born in Canada but my parents and my sister are born in the Philippines.
  • One day. I would like to visit Spain.
  • I’m left handed and I get so excited when someone is also. It’s so rare to find left handed people in this world, haha.
  • My favorite colors are blue, orange, yellow and pink.
  • I am absolutely terrified of rats and mice. I am also scared of wasps and bees.
  • I want a pet snake but both of my parents and my sister are scared of snakes.

Like your typical teenage girl, I love going out with friends and family. There is no fun without them. I love being surrounded by the people that I care most about. They always find a way to put a smile on my face. My life would be absolutely incomplete if they didn’t exist. Also, I enjoy writing. When something’s going on, I grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing. It doesn’t matter what I write because on that paper, I’m in my own world. No one can stop me from what I’m doing. So if you see me writing, don’t burst my bubble! Besides hanging out and writing, I like having access on the computer. Like when I’m writing, I use the computer to escape from reality. I play my music and I start blogging. In my family, basketball is our favourite sport. On my dad’s side, all of the boys play it. My sister and I play too but we haven’t played in awhile. I decided to take a break from playing but next year, I’ll be back on the court dribbling the ball again. Did I mention that I love eating? Well I do. Whether it’s healthy or not, I will eat it. The taste of food makes my taste buds excited especially when my mom cooks my favourite dish. I always look forward for new dishes that she will prepare the next day.

Thanks to the sponsors Shasha Bread Co, for their wonderful healthy snacks and to the Internet marketing firm PageOne for helping with all the personal blogs for the Miss Teen Canada Pageant.

Thank you for supporting me on my journey. Don’t forget to like my page on Facebook ! 🙂 (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Klaudeen-Carbon-for-Miss-Teen-Canada-World-2011/173882976002690)

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