Last week, I spent a day shopping with Miss at the factories of St-Sauveur in the heart of the Laurentians.
I met Miss at the auditions that took place in Montreal in the month of May and soon we easily established an excellent friendship. 
Although we both participate in a major competition, I am certain that we will remain excellent friends afterwards, especially since we live nearby in the beautiful region of the Laurentians.
Our shopping did not pay off but we still had good time together.

We took the opportunity to go for dinner at Brochetterie le Chalet Grec.
As the portions were huge and were not allowed to order from the kids menu, we shared a plate which was more than enough.
Returning to the Factories to join our parents, the mother of Miss Quebec had the wonderful idea to arrest a policeman and offer him the opportunity to pose with us, which he found very nice, reflects his smile!

We had a wonderful day together with a glorious summer sun.
Follow me to know everything about my next experiences.

Written by: Mackie
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