Have you heard ? A new show is coming out on July 9th 2011. You are THE FIRST to know about this new comedic TV sitcom.

Klaudeen Carbon has a goal of having happiness throughout her whole life. And to be fairly honest, her life is smooth sailing. She has the perfect friends and family. Then she realizes that all she needs in her life is love.

Klaudeen is living her life to the fullest. She lives in the City of Angels in a beautiful beach house. She has the most amazing group of people surrounding her. But to fulfill her goal of life long happiness, she wants to find love from a suitor. Klaudeen has been going on blind dates with guys that her friends are hooking her up with but none of them seems to be the right one. Klaudeen has learned from her passed hour (or maybe less) “boyfriends”: tell her long lasting, perfect and future boyfriend to not be shy and sweat all over the dinner table! Will she find the one ?

Now you may ask yourselves… Why should you watch this show ? Because it’s a great and funny show that teaches you the Do’s and Dont’s about dating and how to socialize with the opposite sex.

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